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Yemaya Collective Welcomes You

A social creative collective powered by and for women

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Who We Are

Yemaya Collective CIC is a non-profit that is primarily focused on the personal development and holistic wellness of WOC. We're on a mission to make London less lonely and help women find sisterhood. Yemaya (also spelled Yemoja or Yemanja) is a goddess in the Yoruba religion, which is practiced in West Africa and the African diaspora. She is associated with the ocean, fertility, motherhood, and feminine power. In short, Yemaya means 'mother of all' we chose this name as we strive to encourage women to unlock their inner power within a community. 

What we do

Our mission is to create an inclusive environment that empowers WOC to unleash their artistic potential and build meaningful connections. We believe in the transformative power of creativity to inspire, heal, and amplify diverse voices. Through collaboration and shared experiences, we aim to cultivate a sense of sisterhood that encourages personal growth and collective empowerment.

We are committed to providing a platform for WOC to showcase their talents, whether it be through visual arts, literature, music, performance, or any other form of creative expression. Yemaya Collective seeks to break down barriers and challenge stereotypes by promoting an intersectional approach that values and respects the unique perspectives each member brings to the collective.

As a community, we prioritize collaboration over competition, fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and mutual support. We organise events, wellness retreats, workshops, and exhibitions to facilitate skill-sharing, networking, and mentorship opportunities.


Our Values

Creativity: Creativity can serve as a wonderful bridge to connect with like-minded individuals and foster meaningful friendships. We want to create an environment for individuals to express themselves and explore new ideas without fear of judgment or criticism. Our events encourage you to be open & authentic to explore common interests with others.

Community: being part of a supportive and engaging community provides women with a fertile ground for personal and professional development. The connections and resources available in these spaces can significantly impact various aspects of their lives. We want to connect with like-minded individuals who are unconventional. Late bloomers who are tapping into their creative side to support and uplift each other. 

Collaboration: In a society that pushes a individualistic mindset, we want our members to work together to share ideas, give feedback, and create something greater than what they could achieve alone.

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